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Family History
Family History & Genealogy Research
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Dec 12, 2014
Family History Helps and Sources
FDRel 261 Intro to LDS Family History
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Nov 18, 2014
This course introduces the student to the doctrine behind family history and Temple work. Skills associated with gathering, preserving, researching, and sharing family records, as well as doing Temple work for ancestors.
FHGEN 111 Intro to Family History Research 1
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Oct 30, 2014
An introduction to basic genealogical research principles and record groups.
FHGEN 120 Internet & Computer Skills
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated May 23, 2013
An introduction to computer and Internet research techniques for Family History. This research guide coordinates with the online course, which focuses on methods of locating and managing Internet and other computer-based genealogy resources.
FHGEN 130 Introduction to Paleography
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Mar 3, 2014
An introduction to paleography in early United States genealogical records.
FHGEN 140 Genealogical Writing
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Sep 18, 2014
Includes principles of effective report writing for genealogical projects, including formatting, documentation, citations and presentation of genealogical data. Through case studies, students will learn how to prepare genealogical reports for clients.
FHGEN 160 The Family and Society
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Sep 18, 2014
This course teaches (1) how families interact with the law and government as illustrated in original United States sources and (2) how these interactions produce records that help researchers discover genealogical information.
FHGEN 211 Research Methodology, part 1
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Sep 18, 2014
Applied research course. Students will conduct genealogical research on different individuals and families. Designed to provide practical real world research experience and prepare students to engage in professional client research.
FHGEN 212 Research Methodology, part 2
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Jun 12, 2013
Course consists of six research projects that require using a variety of records and involve different areas of the United States. Four of these projects are provided by the instructor; you will select the other two.
New Books--Local & Family History
by Laurie Francis - Last Updated Jan 22, 2014
Primary Research
by Adam Luke - Last Updated Dec 4, 2014
Understanding the differences between primary and secondary sources, how to find primary resources, and how to conduct primary research.


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