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Automobiles: Home

Eng 111 steps

Step 1. Finding Background Material
a. Library of Congress
Subject Headings
BT Motor Vehicles
NT Ford automobile
Automobiles-- Brakes [TL 269]

b. General Encyclopedias

c. Specialized Reference Sources

Step 2. Forming Your Issue Question

Step 3. Finding Research Citations

a. Books
b. Periodicals

c. Internet sources


Step 1: Background
Library of Congress Classification Outline - Call numbers & categories
World Book Online Contains articles & editor-approved web sites.
Gale Virtual Reference Library -   Reference e-books  

Step 2: Create keywords and phrases to find research information

Step 3: Find and Describe (citation) information found
  a. Books at BYU-I
McKay Library Online Catalog - Books, Videos, CD's 
      Books available through interlibrary loan using WorldCat -   

  b. Periodicals see Quick Tab or use individual databases
     Academic Search Premier (Ebsco) -   (remote) Click for Tutorial
     ProQuest Direct (UMI) -  (remote)  Click for Tutorial
     SIRS -   Full-text articles from government & general research publications.

  c. Internet Sources are listed on the Advanced Tab. 
     Your favorite search engine may also have advanced and scholar searches.