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FDHUM 101 The Heroic Journey: Home

The individual’s heroic journey through creation, fall and redemption, as represented in art, literature, music, architecture, and drama.

Researching Off Campus?

Most resources available through the David O. McKay library are accessible when you are not on campus. To access these resources follow these steps.

1. Click the link to the resource you would like to access.

2. When prompted enter your NetID and password. You will need to attach the notation "students\" prior to your NetID.

3. Click the "Login" button.

InterLibrary Loan

No library has access to everything. Because of this most libraries will share the resources they have with other libraries. This is called InterLibrary Loan. To use InterLibrary Loan click here.


Welcome to the FD HUM 101 The Heroic Journey library resource guide. By clicking on the tabs located towards the top of the screen you will be able to access materials to help you research in this subject area.  If you have questions as you are using this page, please contact me for assistance.

thomas Cole's manhood

Thomas Cole Voyage of Life: Manhood

Subject Guide

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MCK 120E