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Basic Research Strategy: Find Background Material

Basic Approach to Research

First Step

Look up your topic in the LC Subject Headings.
While you are searching for your topic watch for symbols that indicate Broader, Narrower or Related Topics.
Pay attention to the Used for and See also terms as well.

These Big Red Books are used by librarians when they describe the books in their collections.  They contain standardized terms to use for searching the library catalog.  Under some headings you will find a call number for example, the call number for “Mormon temples” is BX8643.T4.

This step is designed to help you develop a set of terms you will use later in the research process.
It is also a time for brainstorming if you are still not certain what your topic might be.

Basic Research Strategy

This LibGuide is based upon the  Basic Research Strategy written by William Brugger, English Dept, BYU-I

LC Subject Headings Or the Big Red Books

UF Used for
BT Broader Term
RT Related Term
NT Narrower Term
SA See Also

Mormon Church (May Subd Geog)
          Here are entered works on Mormon denominations
          treated collectively and works for which the individual Mormon
          denomination cannot be indentified
 UF  Mormonism
 BT  Christian sects
 RT  Mormons
 NT  Cataloging of Mormon literature
       Church of the First Born (Morrisites)
       Family home evenings (Mormon Church)
       Hygiene, Mormon
       Jesus Christ -- Mormon Interpretation
       Kingdom of God (Mormon theology)