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Welcome to the Library Guide for Business. By clicking on the tabs located towards the top of the screen you will be able to access materials for class, as well as search tools to help you find information on your own. If you have questions as you are using this page, contact a librarian for assistance.

Ethical and Legal Use of this information

Please use these resources appropriately. They are restricted to academic purposes only. Users  must be currently affiliated with BYU-I as students, faculty or employees.  

The material in these databases may not be used for commercial purposes; this includes reports, articles, written materials and data they may contain.

If you have any questions about the appropriate and ethical use of Library Resources, please contact Nate Wise, Digital Content/Copyright Specialist, at 496-7218, or

Accessing Resources from Off Campus

Most resources available through the David O. McKay library are accessible when you are not on campus. To access these resources follow these steps.

1. Click the link to the resource you would like to access.

2. When prompted enter your NetID and password. 

3. Click the "Login" button. 

Top 5 Business Resources

Ethics and the Consumer

Ethics and the Consumer (03:37)

Workers in Third World countries work for low pay, face safety risks, and are treated unfairly. The environment is also affected by consumer choices. Ethical consuming is choosing to purchase products made by companies that operate ethically.

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